Thinking Seriously about the Tapeworm Diet

Image: Tapeworm diet advertisement The idea behind the tapeworm diet is simple; you eat a tapeworm as it is or swallow a pill containing its egg. The grown parasite will feast on whatever food the host eats, so the host can binge-eat without gaining weight. When I first heard about such practice, I imagined... Continue Reading →


Las Pachucas: Dressing Outside the Social Conventions

The influx of Mexican immigrants through the Bracero Program and the United States’ involvement in World War II, gave way to the development of new subculture among Mexican youth, the Pachuco subculture. The Pachuco/Pachucas, often characterized by their attire or “zoot suits”, were groups of Mexican youth that rebelled against the established social conventions. During... Continue Reading →

A Barbie Dream House of my Own

  As a child, I distinctly remember playing with my Barbie dream house. It's pink frames a stable of living room growing up. Throughout my childhood, I owned a variety of dolls, but all of the dolls were white. As we can see from brands like American Girl Doll, girls want dolls that look like... Continue Reading →

Just Because You Black Don’t Mean You Family: Problematizing “Diversity”

“This Miss America Corporation constructs its brand as a diversity-loving organization. This is corporate branding by crystallizing national characteristics of pluralism and multicultural as a US trademark in an easily understood way, and by selecting specific individuals who are seen to embody these values.” - Meeta Rani Jha [1] The backlash that followed Stacey Dash, Raven... Continue Reading →

Moral Makeovers at the Valley State Prison, Chowchilla, CA Among the numerous pop cultural “glimpses” into life inside American prisons, Great Big Story’s “Beauty Behind Bars” video from Valley State Prison offers an unusual key inside its gates: documentation of its inmates training to meet your cosmetology needs. If this sounds ironic, it’s supposed to – Carmen Shehorn, the Career Technical Educator at... Continue Reading →

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