Links round up – week 3

This image is from Allie Brosh-and it’s been memed to death.

Some links y’all have sent me this week:

  • Nivea’s “White Is Purity” ad. Yep, they did that. Seth Meyers covers the debacle.
  • The way that discourses shape bodies (and demand their conformity in particular ways) is co-extensive with the way that those same discourses shape places. I.e. check out this critique of a travel writing piece on Hawai’i, which includes the line, “The 50th state has always seemed to me a meretricious luxury product whose visitors bring happiness with them in the form of money.” You know, it’s just vain, wants your money, and the attractiveness is absolutely inauthentic. Sound familiar?
  • Check out Mona Haydar’s “Hijabi: Wrap My Hijab
  • Ballet and colorism.




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